Our Mission

The digital transformation implicates massive changes. We are lined up to think these changes (through) and provide the gained knowledge to the world for free. Because these changes will impact all of us - ecologically, socially and philosophically. That is our mission.


We consider living and creating as a symbiosis of the whole with the needs of the individual. First and foremost, digitalgrid is a think tank. We live and create only due to the influence of other people, and the future will be shaped by all of us. You want to change the world? We are always open for cooperation - be it as adviser for special topics, speaker or project organizer.
Our benefits - you can work wherever you want, constant learning, maximum flexibility and full say in all ethical questions. Individual experience is appreciated and everybody will be involved in all subjects. This is the only way to meet our own demands.

Our Team

Alexander Alten-Lorenz
(managing director, founder)

Alexander is a technically proficient Software Architect and advanced software engineer at heart with almost 25 years of experience in complex software design and ethical hacking. He is a digital expert and especially drives the digitization across the society, and as a well-known entrepreneur he loves to build innovative cutting edge tech to solve future challenges of our mankind today. He is reckoned as IoT and Big Data expert who investigates the possibilities of technology in our society and critically questions current developments at the same time.
Alexander has successfully built multiple futuristic concepts and systems in the US with Google, Cloudera and the Healthcare Industry as well as in Europe with Allianz SE, Scout24 or E.On in various executive roles. He is a contributor to different Open Source projects, e.g. Apache Hadoop, OpenBSD or Linux. Enhanced by his work in the USA he tackles problems directly and consequently, he is appreciated as creative lateral thinker and futurist. His passion belongs to technology and the possibilities arising with the ethical use.
Within digitalgrid his focal points are digital transformation of politics and economy, the Decentral Internet (DWeb) and Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and BigData.

Bruno Kramm
(managing director, co-founder)

At the age of 17 Bruno developed his first computer game - 1984 on a Commodore 64, and with this game he gained “Die goldene Diskette”, a price awarded by CHIP computer magazine. 5 years later he founded one of the first German alternative music label and with his own band he went on tour across the USA, Russia and Asia. In the mid-90s he participated in founding the first private internet provider in Upper Franconia/Germany called Spektacom. As proficient expert for copyright, collecting societies and artists’ rights in the digital age he not only supported the Piratenpartei as consultant but also officiated as regional/state party leader in Berlin, political chairperson in Bavaria and candidate for the European and Bundestag elections. Bruno performs as key note speaker at events like re:publica, Berlin Music Days, Leipziger Buchmesse, DJV (German journalist organization) meeting, Google Collaboratory, Wikimedia Foundation and published as columnist for FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) 2012 - 2013. He took part in the TTIP Stakeholder Meeting in Washington as participant and debater and criticized the inadequate inclusion of the digital consumer protection into the free-trade agreement. Regarding digitalgrid he is especially focused on the cultural and social implications caused by machine learning, artificial intelligence and the comprehensive automation and digitization of our society.

Prof. Dr. Doris Aschenbrenner
(director robotic and digital healthcare)

Doris Aschenbrenner is Assistant Professor with tenure track at the TU Delft. She has a degree in computer sciences, and after her studies she worked at the extra-university research institute Zentrum für Telematik (center for telematics) in Wuerzburg. At the Wuerzburg university she graduated in remote maintenance of industrial robotics.
In the Netherlands, Doris is engaging in the future of the industrial workplace - the “Operator 4.0” - which can only be realized in a teamwork situation between intelligent systems and human beings.
At digitalgrid Doris is intensely committed to applications of augmented and virtual reality for the so-called human-robot-coproduction and digital healthcare.

Ringo Mueller
(chief editor)

In 2005, Ringo was one of the first graduates at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in the degree program “technical journalism”. Since then he has been working as freelance journalist for tv, print and online publishers. He concentrates on topics like energy change, mobility, environment and digitization as well as music, media and audio engineering with the mission to process complex technical contexts in a popular scientific way which is exciting for viewers and readers.
At digitalgrid he focuses on publishing and scientific processing of information. Ringo is responsible for consistency of content and language of all our publications.

Alexandra Alten
(chief of operations)

Alexandra can look back on more than 25 years of experience in organization, communication and office management – over 20 of them working in one of the big four accounting companies. Her organizational skills will keep all background processes running smoothly. She excels with her excellent foreign language skills and works closely with our teams in different languages as translator and cultural advisor.