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Here you can find media events and interviews documenting our previous work.

The real risk that society will reject AI (2019)

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Techerati spoke to Bruno about his new organisation Digitalgrid, which focuses on the cultural and social effects of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the comprehensive automation and digitisation of our society.

TTIP re:publica Diskurs (2014)

In the meanwhile TTIP is becoming the new ACTA. It was a huge mistake by politics to ignore the tools for participation and transparency in times of internet and open government. Maybe politics can use this failure for creating a new and open style of international agreements.

Interview Techerati

Data are the raw material of the digital world. But which data are worth saving and which are not? Where do we have to differentiate between data gathering and data protection? Alexander is looking for answers to these and other questions. Further information you can find in the interview.

Interview Handelsblatt

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Die Energiewelt wandelt sich – früher wurde Energie in wenigen Großkraftwerken erzeugt und über Stromautobahnen verteilt. Heute gibt es viele kleine dezentrale Energiequellen, aus denen Energie in das Netz eingespeist wird. Verbraucher werden immer häufiger zu sogenannten Prosumern, die nicht nur Energie verbrauchen, sondern auch selbst erzeugen. Das Energiesystem der Zukunft wird also dezentraler, grüner und eben auch digitaler.

Interview RT (2017)

The digital specialist Bruno Kramm describes the current hacker attack on large companies. Operators and companies do not sufficiently maintain their software The intelligence agencies are launching more and more complex hacker tools, criticizes the politician. The federal government must inform here better.