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Energy Grids & Infrastructure

Energy revolution is one of the most outstanding movements of our time and forms the basis of a resource-friendly way of life for many subsequent generations. The smartification of the German energy grid and the ensuing intelligent energy supply by diversification are key future drivers of the European Energy revolution. Sustainably produced energy can be used to feed alternative energy storage, e.g. hydrolysis to produce hydrogen, to enable future environmentally neutral mobility.
Future mobility concepts as autonomous driving require a reliable data infrastructure as well as Smart City concepts and industrial IoT-connections. The existing infrastructure by the European operators is the most stable grid worldwide. Why not make this infrastructure fit for future business models? The energy grid operator build the backbone of the interconnected world: safe and stable communication via own broadband networks. Combined with future communication technologies the energy companies become infrastructure operators with a complete new outlook.

Digital Healthcare

The digitization of healthcare is a major milestone in the future treatment of a technology-oriented society. A digitally supported medical prevention, capacity planning and the digital patient are key elements of the evolution of digital healthcare. With our support a digital platform was established in the USA to provide optimum care for cancer patients. In compliance with the highest data security standards worldwide, data of various hospitals were compared to the current conditions of the patients and optimized treatments were suggested which verifiably resulted in significant improvement of symptoms due to an optimized treatment management.

Intellectual property rights in Blockchain

Copyrights occur with creation. In the internet age countless copies arise, everybody will become a creator, remixer or transformal user. There is a fluent transition from user to creator, consumer become prosumer - producer and consumer at once.
Digitization offers numerous possibilities for authors of all genres, but raises complete new questions of licencing. Principles formerly defined by collecting societies or collectors lose their relevance. Blockchain provides completely new self-sufficient ways of licencing and disclosure via Creative Commons licences by ensuring copyrights and rights of use at the same time. This perfectly corresponds with the nature of Blockchain - open, transparent and accessible to everyone. Topics like operation, financing and technological implementation are also an issue as well as data security and distribution of royalties. Significant political discussions derive from this, e.g. the question who is allowed to own copyrights in a digital society: artificial intelligences as well as natural?


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