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Press release Technolgy Qatar

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Digitalgrid, die erst zwei Monate junge Unternehmung von Alexander Alten-Lorenz, Digital- Transformation-Evangelist und Start-up-Papst, und Bruno Kramm, bekannter Digital-Politiker und Kulturschaffender, war auf Einladung des Qatar Science und Technologie Parks (QSTP) vor Ort, um mit 20 weiteren Entrepreneurs die in Katar entwickelten Technologien auf Geschäftstauglichkeit und Bedarf zu überprüfen.

IoT and Blockchain - the stack for the DWeb (2019)

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Governments can keep whole countries under surveillance, internet traffic is managed by a few with all the data - and all the risks. I’m sure the next incarnation of the internet will be DWeb (or decentralized web). An IoT and Blockchain based independent network, using as many crypto protocols as available, without anyone in control and it runs on decentralized connectivity layers, physical cables and what might come next.

Big data need not mean high costs and
lengthy training cycles (2019)

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For a lot, but certainly not all enterprises, a typical big data software is Apache Hadoop. Hadoop is the new legacy standard in enterprises when it comes to on-premise tools. Cloud-based big data is still fairly new for enterprises and cloud providers, as the technology has only risen up to become cloud-ready in the last two years or so. Popular tools here are Apache Kafka, Apache Spark or Apache Flink – these are all run best on bare metal servers.

Enabling IoT to establish a sustainable value chain (2019)

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IoT devices are getting more and more intelligent and can now create meshed networks by itself, switching from a sensor into an actor and transferring information only for the meshed neighbors. In the near future this will happen over direct meshed information cells, operated by always connected devices, wearables, sensors, actors, mobile devices - short: everything.

Wir sind anderen Energieversorgern um einige Jahre voraus

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Google präsentiert gerade in London auf der Next-Konferenz, wie das Unternehmen das Geschäftsfeld ausbauen will. Zu der Veranstaltung wurde auch FAZ.NET eingeladen. Alexander Alten-Lorenz baut für Eon Plattformen auf, Johannes Brüderl kümmert sich um die Entwicklung der Technik für das Internet der Dinge (IoT) – in London haben sie präsentiert, was Eon mit vernetzten Maschinen vorhat. Denn in der Zukunft wird es deutlich mehr davon geben als heute.

Evolution of BigData (2017)

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Hadoop, a Map/Reduce framework written in Java and blueprinted by Google in 2004 (1), was initiated by Doug and engineers who worked in the early internet industry, namely Yahoo. They crawled millions of millions web pages every day, but had no system to really get benefit from this information. The main purpose was to work effectively with an ultra-large set of data and group them by topics (just to simplify). Hadoop is now 10 years old. And in these 10 years the gravity of data management, wrangling and analyzing runs faster and faster. New approaches, tools and techniques emerging every day in the brain centered areas called Something-Valley. All of those targeting the way we work and think with data.

Open Source based Hyper-Converged
Infrastructures and Hadoop (2016)

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructures are used by more than 50% of the businesses worldwide, tendentious increasing. But what does this mean for BigData solutions, and Hadoop especially? What tools and technologies can be used, what are the limitations and the gains from such a solution?
To build a production ready and reliable private cloud to support Hadoop clusters as well as on-demand and static I have made great experience with OpenStack, Saltstack and the Sahara plugin for Openstack.