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> Who we are

Every change begins in the mind.

digitalgrid is an independent think tank aiming to pave the way into a digitally oriented society and to comprehensively scale it to individual demands. The development holdup in Europe should finally make room for an active role in digitization which - beside an extensively updated infrastructure and a fruitful, technologically oriented and founder friendly environment - meets notably the European understanding of a sustainable, discrimination-free and socially acceptable transformation.

With over 20 years of digital experience in economy, research and politics digitalgrid possesses a large and stable network, strategic cooperations and insights into business incubators in the areas energy, mobility, health and society. Which trends and technological developments we previously identified you can find under Media. Together we develop our future

> Our Philosophy

We examine/observe digital cutting edge technology, identify and detect digital trends by continuing supervision of the new markets and the global knowledge, development and culture locations. Our sustainable concepts may be far from conventional mindsets but open significant long-term perspectives.

Our assets are concentrated in the areas Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, platform economy, digital (ancillary) copyrights as well as blockchain, data ethics and data protection in a digitally globalized world. Together with you we develop practicable strategic digital concepts and functioning solutions to tackle the challenges of digital transformation in a pragmatic, sustainable and future oriented way. In the process we use synergetic effects of technological developments like e.g. AI and Blockchain, which will accelerate significantly upcoming social changes within the next years. As an independent tech-focused think tank we counsel companies, science, politics, NGO and public authorities. Together we meet the current and upcoming growing challenges of digitization with regard to societal developments. We view digitization in connection with social and transformational concepts as lifelong learning or unconditional basic income (UBI) as a pathbreaking emancipatory vision for the emerging automation especially impacting all creative and productive processes. In our view only a paradigm shift of social interaction can avoid future social tensions which come along with an extensive digitization. We support with complex internal or external problems by offering solutions based on a comprehensive understanding of philosophy and ethics.

> Active strategic focus

Digital transformation

Without modern technologies and systems it is impossible to realize digital transformation programs. Data processing in connection with artificial intelligence and machine learning opens completely new ways to interact with your clients but may also harbor ethical and social risks. You can evaluate and minimize these risks, but only if algorithms, model orchestration, data security and infrastructure are installed and operated under ethical points of view.
We help in finding the adequate technology to solve problems sustainable and efficient. We concentrate on clearly defined goals and therefore, our operations are very focussed and come with a time cap. Together with you we develop practicable strategies to define the transformation as a whole in a socal and technologically sustainable way. Thus we jointly lay the cornerstone for the successful reformation of the previous business processes and let sustainability and ecological objectives take center stage. Hand in hand we create a sound future for the following generations. Together we identify prospective cutting edge technology and support you with your technology investment concerning knowledge transfer, training, available capacities - like existing system architectures - and thus build the foundation for future oriented and sustainable investments while using available resources at the same time.

Blockchain and the 4th industrial revolution

Although being an emerging technology, Blockchain has the greatest potential to disrupt whole industry sectors and create complete new industries simultaneously. These technical innovations are also called “4th industrial revolution”.
Until now four pillars were considered: trust, transaction security, intermediates and automation. Especially in a digital world, these four foundations offer the possibility of anonymous contract preparation, autonomous public registers and transparency of sustainable business processes - to name only a few. It becomes obvious what is the basic potential of the blockchain: confidence. An automated trust enables completely new and interactive partnership processes which - due to their reference to trust - can be very volatile for producers but very stable for consumers. Based on this you can deviate further considerations and future models based on a partnership at eye level.
Arising questions considering Blockchain may be: How can Blockchain be used for transformative processes? How is privacy protected with regards to a digital register which is almost permanently public? Who operates such a Blockchain, which resources will be necessary? What is Blockchain - and even more important: what is it not?

Cultural and social transformation by Artificial Intelligence

Morals, ethics and fundamental principles of coexistence are changing due to the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence. Even if we are only at the beginning, we can think ahead and imagine future processes. And the right answers provide certainty in a world where intelligence is not longer only conceded to human beings as pride of creation.
Creativity, arts and culture undergo radical changes by “deep learning” and AI. Where nowadays creative artists use technologies as TensorFlow to playfully transform their art forms of today into the future, there will be painful revolutions tomorrow which will be fundamental and disruptive. On the long run, labour and profession can only be enhanced in a reliable and humane way by such concepts as “lifelong learning”.
Can alternative life models as “unconditional basic income” shape new outlines in a society that is based on cooperation and sustainable creation?
Which consequences arise for our societies from digital defence and warfare (Cyberwarfare) taking into consideration the growing integration of IoT and AI? How deep is the effect of manipulation of opinion making processes by fake news and deep fake in light of a constantly qualitative and quantitative growing level of Artificial Intelligence? Which complex questions occur for organizations, companies, public authorities and our privacy?

BigData and Intelligent Internet of Things in digital shift

Artificial Intelligence, analytics and machine-based learning together with the Internet of Things - which is the digital equivalent of a fully interconnected society - enable new digital business models. Breaking up data silos and integrating them into BigData and Data Lake architectures are the main components of a transformation and the base for the application of intelligent algorithms. The resulting data are the most important source of a digital society, but imply a potential for conflict from ethical and humanistic points of and should not be underestimated. But what influence on the shift is generated by the application of sensors, smartthings and beacons? How can data transform into business sectors which are ethically and socially compatible to a future, modern society? How can we combine our basic rights with a fully interconnected society? What is the influence of future societies and how is the development of our society influenced by analytics? Which future technologies bear which strategic advantages? How to invest into digital methodology?
We investigate these and other questions together to form a reliable and future-oriented foundation for strategic decisions.


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